100 Word Challenge: Baby Sitting Disaster

Heres my 100 word story. the propmet is ……..she just wouldn’t stop crying…… enjoy!

It was a nightmare, she just wouldn’t stop crying. I tried and tried to put her to sleep, but I don’t think it’s going to happen. Once her mother stepped outside she cried and cried. Theres no way to make her laugh or smile. Well i guess she just a baby. I decided to leave her in the lounge room. But when i came back, she was gone, it was slient again. I call the police on 000, there was no answer. it was cold and dark. what a scary and spooky night. Wheres the baby gone?  oh no

By Bianka, #smile

Adelaide my holiday!

My holiday in Adelaide was soooo much fun. when it was time to leave it was sad.

When we got to the airport we had the most delicious dounuts ever! Then it was time to go on the plane, i was nervous and excited at the same time. My brother wanted a soft toy from the plane, so we bought it. When we landed at Adelaide Airport we were picked up by a family friend then we had to drive for 4 hours to a another place where we were staying. This because our family friends live quite far away from Adelaide city. When we got there i was so relieved we were finally there!

The next day we got to climb up moutains, go to the beach, park and lots of other wonderful and exciting things. yesterday we had to go back to Melbourne, we had drive back with our family friends to say good bye, once it was time to go on the plane it was time to say goodbye to Adelaide, it was sooo much fun. I wish it wasn’t time to go yet.

Bianka #smile