Today is my friends birthday her name is Olivia.

She 11 today I did a post on her because she did one on me and not only that she’s a great and magniesfent best friend.

She is sooo talented and has everything a best friend needs, support, helping, caring, kind, pretty, beautiful and the most thoughtful person. I believe she is a GREAT class mate and friend to everyone. and what I love about her is because she has a smile to bring to everyone everyday. And I’m so happy I decided to start to play with you this year. And I can’t believe we’ve become best friends from class mates to this strong friendship, everyone thinks your great!

If you have time go check out her blog here -> http://oliviapss.global2.vic.edu.au/

She’s amazing! and I’m glad it’s your birthday today 27/10/2004

Bianka and don’t forget to smile ūüôā

Reflection of Learning

This¬† week for homework we had to do a post about the past 2 weeks, so here’s mine.

The last 2 weeks we have been doing poetry and BODMAS. In Maths we’ve been doing BODMAS ( Brackets of/powers division multiplication¬†addition¬†subtraction ). We did¬†games, my favourite one was this one that we had to go up to 99¬†in¬†BODMAS but only using the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. It was fun and challenging at the same time.

In Literacy we’ve been doing poems such as Abecedarian, Alliteration and Haiku. My favourite one was Abecedarian soon I’m going to post one of my poems.


Bianka! Out for now!!!

” All Aboard! ” My Review

Our fabulous school concert titled ” All Aboard ” was magnificent!

I loved the actors they were fantastic!

On Wednesday the 7th of  October 2015, St Scholastica Primary School held our school concert at 7:00pm. I loved how the acting parts fitted in really well. The concert wasnet to long.

The costumes were amazing and eye catching. I loved the Walk like an Egyptain ones, they were so realistic. Most of the costumes were made by parents of our school. In the audience were mostly family.

I really loved our school concert and I rate it a 9/10. It’s sad we are having our next one in 2 years. At the next concert I will be watching.

Reviewed By Bianka Sucanji

Nightly entertainment Jack Kennard via Compfight

Term 4 Hopes

This is our last term for 2015! We will miss all the year 6’s who are going off to high school next year! But next year me and all the other 5’s are moving into year 6! It will be an exciting year as¬†we can go¬†for leader ship. My hope is for leadership that I can get Social Justice Leader or R.E¬† Leader, I am so excited and nervous to present my speech.

This¬†term I’m looking forward to spend the last term because Inquiry will be an good topic to learn about our topic is called ” A Place To Call Home ” we will be looking at refugee’s, asylum seekers, boat people, detention Centre and home. I will be a sad and interesting¬†¬†topic to look at. I will probably be looking at refugees.

I Hope my last term in year 5 is awesome! I’m looking forward to year 6, I hope all the year 6’s have a great and fun last term of school!


All Aboard!

We had our school concert on Wednesday¬†7th of October, All Aboard. It was great! The people who¬†were actors were GREAT! They came to¬†practice every¬†Friday, and we can’t forget our wonderful dances! All the props were amazing and eye catching, we thank parents who helped painting them and we have say thanks to¬†all of the¬†teachers for letting us¬†practice during class time. It was¬†a great concert and it won’t be forgotten!

2015 Concert “All Aboard!”