I went to the snow on Friday. We went to Mt Baw Baw, it was so much fun. And it was my first time going to the snow! We went Tobogganing witch was fun, and made a snow man. Please it was hard work to build one, TRUST ME. Ha-ha, anyways I’ve got some photos of me and my family at the snow.( also Dejan ) sorry there’s a little unfortunate news. One of my cousins which is in a photo, the one with the snowman on the left. She went Tobogganing, and she went with her mum and had a little crash, her face hit the block thing, which is to stop you. but if you go Tobogganing you should know how to stop, right?! Anyways, my auntie didn’t know how to stop, so my cousin hit her face and is not funny!! Her teeth were bleeding! So my Uncle and Auntie took her to first aid. She came back and her baby teeth were wobbly, so just its coming out early. I felt sorry for her! She was very brave!!

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2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. The snow looks so inviting! Was it really cold up there? I’m sorry your cousin hurt herself, you are right about knowing how to toboggan, it would make tobogganing so much safer! The photos are great, well done Bianca, your blog is looking really interesting.

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