My Friends

My friends are awesome I have lots of them. I have friends from school, old school and out of school friends, but I have a very close friend I’ve know here forever. My friends are pretty and awesome. And I’m lucky to have them! 🙂

Bianka #smile

Mid-year Concert

Hi everyone I’m talking about my Mid-year Concert,

I just recently had a Mid-year concert, It was so much fun I’ll tell you all about it. Ok so my Mid-year concert was to do with my dance. I did ballet, tap, character and Contempory. I danced a lot I am so tired. But it was awesome fun my Mum, brother, cousin and aunty watch me dance. They enjoyed it. My mum said it was like my cousin was a statue just watching. I didn’t want it to end, but it did. I did 2 concerts, concert1 and 5. My mum watched concert 5. And I got the most sweetest letter from my cousin. I loved it.

Bianka #smile

I hope you enjoyed my post!


Hi everyone I will talk about camp.

Camp is coming up on the first day of term 3.We will be staying at Mt Evelyn. We have chose who we wanted for cabins hopefully I get my friends! We are also doing red faces it will be awesome!!!! I can’t wait

Bianka #smile

100 WC

Hi everyone my post is on 100 word challenge. My phrase is …all at once they fell over…

We all at once fell over, CRASH! We heard thunder crashing against the house walls. I was scared that the house would break into pieces. Well one thing I DO know is that house is not wind proof, though the house sun proof though its not time for that. The wind got stronger every minute. Whoosh, then I saw a tornado oh-no I knew it was the end. I blacked out. I woke up and realized it passed our town wow I really thought it was coming to us.


My Brothers birthday!!!

Hi and am talking about my brother,

My brother is a sweet but cheeky boy and he is a loveable brother. he gets up to all sorts of things, but you no what even though he’s sometime cheeky I love him if he wasn’t there I would be lonely. and the reason why im talking about him is because its his Birthday on the 6th of june