Music that i like

Hi I’m going to talk about music

i like music that is nowdays like Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande and etc soooo you get what i mean ANYWAYS heres  bad blood by taylor swift.


 music video

tell me if you like it. I’m abscessed with this song guys



Hi I’m talking about the great debate,

on Friday the think there should be free Friday and there should not be free Fridays had a big debate in the library. The whole school was watching, there was 2 teams the FOR team was Mia, Isabella, Thomas and Emma. The AGAINST team was Andrew, Liam, Francesco and Xavier. They both had a big debate, everyone got to vote for what they wanted FREE FRIDAYS OR NO FREE FRIDAYS, then Mr Gleeson told us at line up time and the answer was THERE IS GOING TO BE FREE FRIDAYS, the boys lost. Even though the boys lost it was a great debate to watch

Bianka #smile

My Writing and Tables


Hi I’m talking about my Writing and Tables,

I want to improve in writing by using stronger words, I also want to improve with my print handwriting. I want to also use less ideas in my paragraphs and make bigger for my littler ones.

I want to improve in my Times Tables by practicing at home and I have improved because now I know my 6’s . Now I’m practicing my 7’s .

Bianka #smile

Cross Country

lately we have been having cross country, I in a way like it because you get fit we are just training now but we will have a the REAL cross country later.

Cross country you really have challenge yourself if you like cross country tell me.

I’m not that big of a fan of it but still is pretty fun

Bianka #smile

New Blog

im really happy I have a blog please comment and check my blog daily I will be posting more soon!